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Dear Members of the Community,


With a heavy heart, we come together to address the recent events that have shaken us to our very core. Words seem inadequate to express the depth of our collective sorrow and resilience in the face of the recent calamity that has befallen us. As individuals, as a community, and as Jews who have tirelessly championed the values of justice and peace, we find ourselves grappling with the profound impact of the events of October 7th.


With the distressing news of Karina's our community director Anna’s cousin's abduction only 19 years old and the recruitment of our children, our strength is tested now more than ever. Yet, even in these dark hours, our community members' unwavering support and solidarity, even from a distance, serve as a beacon of hope and solace for us all.


In response to the crisis that has befallen us, our community has swiftly transitioned into an emergency state, with our dedicated teams and volunteers working tirelessly around the clock to provide assistance and support. It is in the unity of our response that our true strength is revealed, showcasing the resilience and determination that define us.

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Welcome to Kehilat Kol Haneshama!

We are a reform religious community that advocates pluralism, equality and Zionism.

Our values ​​are reflected in community life through prayer, study and communal and social activities.

At the center of our community life is the aspiration for social justice and world reform While building a supportive and caring circle, Open and safe to anyone, whoever he is and she is.

We gather together for prayer every Shabbat and holiday,

we celebrate together the events of the circle of life

and maintain a rich and diverse community life for over 35 years!

Our synagogue is located in the Bekaa neighborhood of Jerusalem and serves a wide public in Jerusalem, Israel and the world.

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