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Kehilat Kol Haneshama is a membership based organization, comprised of both individuals and families who have expressed their desire to be part of the community. Membership is renewed each year before Rosh HaShana.

Dear members and friends,

We’re still in the middle of summer, but the month of Elul has just begun, and that means that Rosh Hashanah and the High Holidays are not far off. This has been another year dominated by the need to cope with a complex and confusing reality, and within this reality we are writing to ask you to renew your membership in Kol HaNeshama.

We do so on the strength of our conviction that a community is for life – when the going is good and when things are less good, in times of joy and at moments of difficulty. Over the past year you, the members of Kol HaNeshama, have shown how much creativity, determination, and love of life there is among us. At a hilarious Hanukkah party, at a Zoom event for Tu Bishvat attended by dozens of members, at a festive Shavuot service when the yard was packed, and on hundreds of occasions when we came together to learn, talk, and enjoy ourselves – you were there for the Kehila and the Kehila was there for you.

The most important way we can demonstrate our membership of Kol HaNeshama is through our active participation in these services, programs, and events – everyone according to their own interests, time, and preferences. But as we all know, “if there is no flour, there is no Torah.” The aim of this letter is to make sure we have enough flour to bake the unique, imperfect, but amazingly tasty bread called Kehilat Kol HaNeshama.

So how much flour are we talking about?

The Kehila’s budget (not including the preschools) totals around NIS 1.5 million a year. This means that the actual costs for each membership unit are around NIS 7,500 a year – far more than the suggested membership fees (see below).

We have a double message to convey this year, and each part is equally important: please pay the membership fees you are able to pay – and please, pay only what you can. Know that every member is equally valuable to us all. Don’t worry about what other people are paying; don’t feel that you’re in any kind of competition. In order to emphasize this approach, we have reduced the recommended membership fees as detailed below by comparison to previous years. We did this in order to send a clear and inviting message to one and all, including older people and young families. We also did so safe in the knowledge that members who are able to will maintain the level of membership fees they paid in the past, and maybe even add a little more.


Payment of Membership Fees

  • Membership is free for those aged 18-25. Please contact the office to register as a member.

Recommended fees – pay more, pay less, and may you and all of us be blessed:

  • For students and members aged 26-30, recommended annual membership fees are NIS 120.

  • For single members, recommended annual membership fees are NIS 1,200.

  • For families, recommended annual membership fees are NIS 1,900.

For credit card online payment options, please click                        The membership fees can be paid in 12 monthly installments.

For complementary donation to the kehila, click 


Overseas members: $180 per individual, $360 per family (tax deductible donation). Click here.

If you have any questions about membership, please contact the office:

Tel.: 02-531-2779     Email:


Thank you for your ongoing support. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Rabbi Oded Mazor                                      Shaul Vardi

Rabbi, Kol HaNeshama                              Chairperson of the Board


Kehilat Kol Haneshama
כל הנשמה לוגו
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