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Community Memberhsip
Partnership and support for egalitarian Judaism in Jerusalem, in social action and in our shared home


This year we are coming with a double message, both parts of which are equally important: Please, pay the membership fees you are able to pay generously - and please, only pay what you can. Know that the value of each friend is equal in the eyes of all of us. Don't worry about what others are paying, don't feel yourself in any competition. To emphasize this approach, this year we have even reduced the recommended amounts listed below. We did this out of a desire to establish a stated standard that is friendlier to a wide range of people, including adults and young families. We also did this knowing that friends who are able to pay membership fees as in the past, and maybe even beyond that, will do so generously.

Payment of membership fees


Membership in the community is free for ages 18-24. Please contact the office for registration.

Recommended membership fees - pay more, pay less and it will come to you. And we have the blessing:

For students and young people aged 25-30, the membership fee is NIS 360 per year.

Recommended membership fee for an individual - 1,400 NIS per year.

Recommended membership fee for a family - NIS 2,100 per year.


To pay memberships by credit card                             The payment can be divided into up to 12 payments.


For a complementary contribution to the community:

For any questions regarding membership renewal, please contact the office:
Phone: 02-531-2779 Email:

Thank you for your continued support and have a great summer!

Rabbi Oded Mazor                                Yonatan Chafetz

Rabbi of the community                       Chairman of the Executive Committee

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