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Bar and Bat Mitzvah Preparatory Classes


Led by Rabbi Oded

In the 10-session program, we will learn about the meaning of the "age of the mitzvot" in the Jewish tradition and its place in the circle of life even today. We will go through a process of self, family and community discovery and deepen the connections between these circles while strengthening the sense of responsibility to be involved women in what is happening around us. Asked: Who am I? What is my place and role in shaping my life? family? My people and my world?

In the program, we will learn about the meaning of the traditional Torah initiation ceremony, its components and possibilities, and we will also deal with other coming-of-age ceremonies in Israeli and other cultures.

The process is personal, family and group and is designed to allow the members of the mitzvot and their families to get to know the meanings of the ceremony better, to take an active part in choosing and designing the ceremony according to personal and family values ​​so that the event is experiential, enriching and meaningful.

A participant who intends to learn the Torah will be able to learn the flavors of the Bible and prepare for learning the Torah at the same time as the group meetings with a teacher from within the community (you can also study with an outside teacher, by prior arrangement with Rabbi Oded).

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