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In the Kindergarten of the Whole Soul Community, every girl and boy receives a safe place, personal care and a supportive developmental and educational process, with the added value of a garden connected to the community!

Our kindergarten strives to impart Jewish values ​​to the children in the spirit of the movement for progressive Judaism.
The kindergarten staff, together with the community staff and Rabbi Oded, provides an experience
ofthe mammalian life of the Israeli tradition, with an open, egalitarian and pluralistic educational approach.

Our work includes encounters with Jewish content and with the synagogue through personal and
experiential experience.


We strive to develop creativity, independence, responsibility and consideration for others in every child.
Kindergarten is an initial encounter with Reform Jewish education. We will be happy to meet you, the parents, all along the way, during the kindergarten years and after them, in the youth movement and in all circles of life
(Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies, etc.).


The kindergarten cluster includes four classes for one-four-year-olds: one class for one-year-olds, one for two-year-olds, one for three-year-olds (age in September) and a class for four-year-olds.

The kindergarten

The kindergarten program is based on the Hebrew calendar, and contains as central themes the holidays of Israel and the Hebrew calendar. Using the theme of the holiday, we will convey information about the holiday itself and the Jewish and universal values ​​associated with it. The program will be completed by other topics such as the seasons, the human body, nature and colors.

Almost every morning there is a prayer in the garden, which includes traditional prayers such as "Shema Yisrael", "Muda Ani" and "Adon Olam". Around special events we will learn the accompanying blessings. We will also encourage the children to express their heart's wishes through their private prayer. On Sundays we hold a Havdalah ceremony. Rosh Chodesh is a festive day in the garden where we hold a special meal and a meeting with Rabbi Oded Mazor, the rabbi of the community, in the synagogue.

Kabbalat Shabbat
Every Friday we hold a Shabbat reception, where we bake challah every Friday. The boys and girls wear caps, temples and light candles. All of Friday's activity is dedicated to the topic of Shabbat: making challah, stories about Shabbat, crafting on Shabbat. It is also an opportunity for every child to bring his and his family's "Sabbath experience" to kindergarten.

Parental involvement
The holidays in the kindergartens are an opportunity for parents' involvement through workshops, ceremonies and activities that bring us together with the symbols of each holiday, whether in the kindergarten or in the community in general. Several times throughout the year, joint activities are held for the families of the gardens and the community (Kabbalah Shabbat on Shabbat evening, Aliyah to the Torah and more).


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