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Beit Midrash

Learning is an inseparable part of our community life

In the year 2018 (תפג"ש), there will be two regular study sessions
on Mondays at 6:30 p.m. alternately, which will be led by

Esther Edelsberg and Rabbi Oded Mazor alternately.

The meetings with Esther will deal with the topic "a prophet and his messenger"

And this time "Elijah and Elisha", two very different characters that should be learned from.
(first meeting on October 24)

*The meetings with Oded will deal with the mitzvah,
"Mitzvah from the Torah - until our days":

Most of the commandments in the Jewish heritage originate from the Torah, and from then until today they have gone through an interpretive, complex and creative process. The changing times brought and continues to bring with it changes in halachic details and conceptual explanations, Kabbalistic intentions and rational meanings, some of which cannot be sustained for centuries and others are subject to debate in the modern state of Israel.

(first meeting on October 31)

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