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Lachma Foundation

Raises money from community members and others with the help of which food stamps are purchased and delivered to the welfare offices to support families who are in financial difficulties but are making a tangible effort to get out of it. The members of the committee are involved in raising funds for the project, set policies and report to the donors about the achievements of the support.



A project that provides enrichment classes in English to children from needy families. The activity is delivered every week by young Anglo-Saxons who are in Israel in different learning settings. The members of the committee serve as a steering committee for the project and provide professional support to the project coordinator. In addition, English speakers have the option to volunteer once a week in the program itself.

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Charitable fund

raises money from community members to help community members and others outside the community in dealing with financial difficulties, financing medical treatments, scholarships and other requests. The members of the foundation organize the fundraising activities of the foundation and decide on granting grants to those in need.

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