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Keren Lachma gives food vouchers to families who have been thrown out of the workforce and deals with food aid to those who need it. For more details, please contact the community offices:

Lachma is a sensitive community charity project, which helps needy residents in southern Jerusalem to get out of the cycle of poverty. What sets us apart from other nutrition initiatives is the complete anonymity of those supported in addition to their freedom to choose fresh produce and food products according to their preferences.

The principles of Lachma are simple:

  • We team up with local social workers and professionals who know best who needs our support.

  • The identity of those supported remains anonymous.

  • Our supporters donate a monthly amount to enable maximum coordination between the support and the supported, this to position Lachma as a reliable partner in this sacred work.

  • We focus on families determined to get themselves out of the cycle of poverty through means of professional development or other means that guarantee a livelihood.

  • In addition, we enable support in cases of crises related to poverty, especially during the holidays.

In practice, this is how it works:


Each month a designated amount is donated by community members and other donors. We use this monthly donation to purchase food vouchers, which are delivered to the local welfare offices. These food vouchers cannot be used to purchase tobacco or alcohol.

From the first moment, we were shocked by the professionalism, dedication and attention to detail of the social workers, with whom we cooperate. They witness that we do influence the lives of families.


In addition, we are proud to cooperate with the 'Movement for Reform Judaism' and the association 'Kern Bakhod' which gives hope to girls and teenagers trapped in the cycle of poverty who turned to the Reform Movement for assistance.

For Donations to Lachma
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