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Shalom Aleichem Shabbat Dinner Experience:

Shalom Aleichem: Shabbat Experience at Kol HaNeshama is a comprehensive Friday night experience for your group.  


No more loud hotel dining halls, our intimate setting allows for your group to participate in a unique Shabbat.  

A half hour before Kabbalat Shabbat services your group is greeted by a Kol HaNeshama member, who will talk about Friday night services, the Reform Movement in Israel and our congregation.  


The group will then have a beautiful Kabbalat Shabbat service with our community.  

After services, you will be joined downstairs at the synagogue by Kol HaNeshama members.  

In addition to a catered meal you will receive an explanation of and experience Shabbat home traditions.  


Our members are interspersed around the group table giving everyone the opportunity to spend informal time and speak freely with Israelis who live in Jerusalem and ask questions about everything and anything about Israel.  


We hope you will consider offering this to your groups if they are in Jerusalem for Shabbat. 


There is a minimum of 15 people for a group and a maximum of 50 people.


All reservations should be made through the Development office at

כל הנשמה לוגו
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