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Humanitarian help for refugees and asylum seekers in Jerusalem

Humanitarian help for refugees and asylum seekers in Jerusalem

Kol HaNeshama has been involved in activities with asylum seekers for about 8 years, out of a belief that they are one of the weakest and most vulnerable parts of the population currently in Israel and out of our belief that as Jews, we should be more responsive to their needs than the government of the State of Israel currently is.  


We have been involved in many different activities with them over the years but in recent years many Kol HaNeshama members have partnered with the Jerusalem African Community Centre (JACC), the major NGO working in Jerusalem with the asylum seeking population.  


At the moment, apart from the individual involvement of members in JACC frameworks, as a community we have begun to plan a joint new project with JACC which is aimed at providing professional job skills for individuals, women and men, within the asylum seeker community, skills which can serve them here or abroad, if they settle in other countries, or back in their home country if conditions allow them to return there as the majority hope will happen in the long run. We hope that the first group of trainees will begin their work in the course of 2019.
For more details and ways you can be involved please contact us:

Letters to conregation' members from Adil and Jack 

My name is Adil Aldao,


I am from Darfur. I came into Israel through the Egyptian border; it took me three weeks to get here. I have been living in Israel for four years -three years in Tel Aviv where I worked as a gardener and 13 months imprisoned at the Holot detention center.


My visit to Kol HaNeshama has showed me that there are people out there who really care and who are trying to understand what my situation is, people who I can count on in this tragic situation.


Being with all of you was a kind of deposit in my emotional bank account.


Today (Pesach) you all are commemorating the Exodus from Egypt and the freedom of the Jewish nation. In this very special season of liberation I would like to first say חג שמח and in addition I would like to ask you to take an initiative and consider the rights and freedom of others well.


Remember that you will not be liberated while slavery still exists; you will not be rich while people go to bed hungry because they don't have food to eat; you will not be free when innocent people are easily imprisoned, and you will not be safe as long as genocide and persecution are still taking place somewhere in the world. 

Thank you so much, 


Adil Aldao

Special Passover Greetings

כל הנשמה לוגו
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