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Purim is a once-in-year opportunity to reach the KKH community and see everyone in costume, even the synagogue itself! Reading the Book of Esther takes place in the happiest atmosphere there is! Beyond the celebration, the community organizes Matanot La`Evionim and complements its values with social doing for the sake of a Tikkun Olam.


As we are in a walled-city, we celebrate Purim on Shushan Purim. We hold two megillah readings; one earlier for families with young children and a later reading of the full megillahopen to the general public.

The next day we hold a festive Purim carnival run by our Telem youth group. There are a variety of activities and all of the income is used for youth activities at the shul throughout the year.

All Jewish Holidays are celebrated at Kol HaNeshama in modern and egalitarian ceremonies and prayers.
כל הנשמה לוגו
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