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Rabbi Shlomo Zagman

Executive Director

Shlomo Zagman was born in Rio de Janeiro and raised in Israel, in a Modern-Orthodox family.


In the past decade Shlomo shifted towards liberal Judaism and in 2019 was ordained as rabbi by HUC-JIR in Jerusalem.


Shlomo's professional background includes various management positions in corporate, governmental and non-profit organizations. Before joining Kol HaNeshama, Shlomo worked in the Israeli Reform Movement as Finance Manager and Steering Committee Secretary of IRAC.


Shlomo holds a B.A. in Political Science and Communications from Bar Ilan University and M.A. in Pluralistic Jewish Education from The Hebrew University and Hebrew Union College.


Shlomo lives in Modi'in with his wife Rachelle and their children:

Ta’ir, Aviad and Maya. 

Dr. Ilona Spector Shirtz

Director of Development

Ilona is the Director of Development at Kol HaNeshama.


After completing her PhD. In Linguistics at the Hebrew University and working there for 12 years, Ilona has left academia for the non-profit sector and has held similar positions at Yad LaKashish – a Jerusalem non-profit for the elderly, and The Israel Goldstein Youth Village – a boarding school for at risk and new immigrant youth.


Ilona lives in Tzur Hadassah with her husband, two little boys and three cats.


Her hobbies are furniture restoration, arts, gourmet cuisine and languages.

Nitsa Harel-Atias

Nursery School Director

For almost 25 years Nitsa works in the field of Preschool Education. In the recent years she serves as the Director of Nursery School at Kol HaNeshama.


Nitsa has an MA in Preschool Education and Jewish Education.


As part of her work with children and the educational staff Nitsa’s goals are to respect each and everyone, to educate for the development of independent thought, to encourage curiosity and transforming learning into a challenging and fun experience.

Community Coordinator

After a decade living in the Upper Galilee, where Dana worked in social aid, taught different methods of movement and worked as a tour guide, Dana moved to Jerusalem to deepen her interest in Judaism.


​Dana has a bachelor's degree in psychology, she is a Yoga and Pilates instructor and a tour guide.

​Loves people and earth​.


Dana lives in Jerusalem with her dog Zusha

Dana Spector

Sarit Haiman


Sarit is a wife and mother of three grown up children.


Sarit has a 7 years experience in community work. 


For 20 years she lived in the Noffey Prat community village, where she was also a member of the community.


Sarit sees her work at Kol HaNeshama as a mission to connect all sectors of our society and to set an example of acceptance and inclusion of all people.  

Boaz Dorot

Music Director

Boaz coordinates service leaders on holidays and Shabbatot, hosts musical events in the community and leads the community’s singing troupe.


Boaz was born and raised at Kol HaNehsama,it is here that he had his Bar Mitzvah.


He was an active member of Telem Youth and after his deployment from IDF completed his studies in composition at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.


During his studies, Boaz worked at the Reform Movement, leading musical projects on a national scale.


Boaz is a composer and plays the piano and the guitar. He is very active in the community and in Jerusalem and is a member and co-founder of the “Nigunim Ensemble” group.

Michal Abramoff

Noar Telem Youth Coordinator

Michal is the youth coordinator at KKH.

She was born in NYC, made aliyah with her family and grew up in Tel Aviv.


She has a bachelors degree in behavioral sciences from Tel Aviv University and she's currently working on her Masters in Jewish Education in a special joint program from HUC and Hebrew University.

Michal has also spent two years in Hartford CT as the Shlicha at the local JCC.

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