Tzedakah & Lachma

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 Tzedakah Fund

Members of Kol Haneshama take pride in the work that we do as a community in the area of tzedakah.  

Keren Tzedakah raises most of its money via the mishloah manot project at Purim time.  In addition, generous donations are made members who wish to honor or commemorate loved ones.

Members of the congregation who are in need are invited to apply for assistance through Kol HaNeshama office.  In addition, grants are provided for individuals who are referred eitherby a member or by a social worker. All requests are handled with discretion.​

To donate to Tzedakah Fund 

During past years, monies were provided for the following:


  • Support was provided for members and non-members who were facing medical and/or financial hardships.  Among the many families that we helped, a specific example is an immigrant family of 6 who requested assistance towards dental expenses.


  • Scholarships were provided for the Bar and Bat Mitzvah chug at Kol Haneshama

  • Funding for educational toys was provided for a preschool at an Arab elementary school in nearby Abu Tor.

  • Scholarships were provided for students at Tali Beit Hinuch, to cover expenses of buying personal computers and for assisting costs of travel for the trip to Poland.

Lachma Fund

Lachma is a sensitive community-based tzedaka project that assists needy residents of south Jerusalem to escape the cycle of poverty. What sets us apart from other food-for-the hungry initiatives is the complete anonymity of our recipients and their freedom to choose fresh produce and foodstuffs according to their preferences

The principles of Lachma are simple

  • We partner with local social workers, the professionals who know best who should receive our support.

  • The identities of the recipients remain anonymous.

  • Our supporters donate a monthly amount to allow maximum coordination and to position Lachma as a reliable partner for this sacredwork.

  • We focus on families that are determined to extract themselves from poverty by means of professional development or other measures that ensure livelihood.

  • We also make our support available for cases of poverty related crises, especially for the holidays.

In practice, this is how it works: a designated amount is donated monthly by KKH members and other donors. Using this monthly donation, food vouchers are purchased and given to the local welfare offices. Food vouchers cannot be used to purchase tobacco or alcohol.

From the very first, we have been overwhelmed with the professionalism, dedication and attention to detail of the social workers with whom we cooperate. They recount that we are indeed making a difference in the lives of families. In addition, we are proud to partner with IRAC and the B’Kavod fund which gives hope to youth trapped in poverty who have turned to the Reform Movement for help.

We invite you to take part in this sacred work by making a donation to Lachma either via the option of a monthly direct deposit or a donation in honor of a celebration or a loved one. This is a tax-exempt donation. We are happy to provide information about the option of a monthly direct deposit. We thank you for your donation and your desire to both feed the hungry and respect their privacy.

To donate to Lachma, please contact our office at 02-531-2779

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