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Communal Involvement

Do you want to be an involved member of Kol HaNeshama?

Do you want to be an active member?

Did you enjoy an event in Kol HaNeshama and want to help? 


Getting involved is the best way to meet new people!

Please call the Kol HaNeshama office 02-6724878

or send email to

At Kol HaNeshama we are committed to Tikkun Olam, with a wide range of social action projects, community support and education.

Most community activities are carried out by members with the support of the professional staff.


Kol HaNeshama has activity "eshkolot" or Clusters and the various activities are carried out by sub-committees of eshkolot.


General Involvement

Vaad HaMenahel – the Kol HaNeshama Board - deals with policy matters and long-term decisions. The Board sets the annual budget and annual strategic work program.

Vaadat Bikoret – The audit committee meets several times a year to ensure proper administration and aiming to improve the general functioning of the community.

Toranim - Shabbat Ushers at Friday Evening Service help out by opening and closing the Shul and greeting our guests.

Baalei Kriyah - Shabbat morning and Holiday Torah readers - Every Saturday several members read the Torah portion and the Haftarah.


We'd love involving members who know how to read with the Torah tropes and are interested in taking part in reading.

Eshkol Tzedek Hevrati – Social Justice Cluster

The “Eshkol” (literally a cluster) for Social action within the kehilla

is planned to coordinate between existing projects in the social action

sphere within the community, to encourage and support new initiatives

within the community and to develop a community-wide policy towards

social action.


We invite all members interested in participating

to make contact with the office.

אשכול צדק.jpg

Lachma – Project Lachma raises money to help families who are in financial stress but are making a concerted effort to overcome the challenge. Committee members are engaged in raising funds for the project, establishing policies and reporting to donors.

Keren Tzedakah – The Tzedaka fund raises money to help community members and others dealing with financial difficulties - funding medical care, scholarships and other urgent needs. Members of the Tzedaka fund committee organize the fundraising activities and decide on grants to those in need.

Keep – The KEEP project offers English enrichment classes for children from disadvantaged families. Committee members serve as steering committee for the project and provide professional support. In addition, English speakers can volunteer once a week in the program itself.

Eshkol Chinnuch V'Tarbut – Education & Culture Cluster

This eshkol develops and conducts various educational activities. These activities include lectures, regular study and weekly Torah commentaries published in our newsletter.


Volunteers are welcomed to the steering committee or to one-time events such as lectures, teachings and more. 

Eshkol Kehilatiyut - Community Cluster

The cluster aims to foster community life by creating a range of opportunities for members so that they can meet and support each other.

Chagim Ve’Eruim – Holidays and Events - this group is meant to organize all the events of the Jewish calendar for our community. Every year they bring tradition and innovation so that all members can experience all Jewish festivals and holy days. 

Tzaadim Be'Madim - Focuses on our young adults serving in the army or in the civil service and their families.  They receive holiday greetings with a modest gift. In addition, the group organizes community activities for the soldiers' parents.

KeReN – this group provides support for members with health problems and for their families. You can be involved as cooks or by paying a visit.

Vaadat Avelut- The Mourning Committee provides support for members who are mourners. Help by providing meals during the Shiva is always welcomed

Community preparedness for an emergency event is a location-based network for quick responses during emergencies such as extreme weather conditions. Members involvement can help the organizer committee assignments and serve as head of a regional squad.

Community meals- Every few months, community members gather for joint communal pot luck dinner after Shabbat services. Members can help the organizer committee with various tasks to make these dinners enjoyable and fun.

כל הנשמה לוגו
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