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The Eshkol Kehilatiut's (committee cluster) mission is to help foster a caring & committed community. The Eshkol  plans activities that create & strengthen bonds between members.

Kol Haneshama "Tzaadim Bemadim"

Kehilat Kol HaNeshama has about 20 young people serving in IDF and in National Service. In 2010 a Task Force was established to support these amazing young people, letting them know that as a kehila we deeply appreciate them and are here for them.

We also provide a technical and informational framework to the young people and their parents helping them through this Israeli life cycle event. Twice a year we distribute gifts and cards to all those young people in active National Service at that time (Hanukah and Purim). We are also working on establishing a communications network, connecting members with other members with relevant experience specific to their son/daughter’s service.


And lastly, we also provide a support group for parents that is both informative and social.


Serving the Community in Times of Illness & Loss

This sub-committee provides both practical & emotional support for members in times of Illness & Loss.


Support includes help with meals during the shiva, transportation and other logistical support.


There is also assistance in commemorating the deceased and grief workshops.

Community preparedness for an emergency event

This committee is a location based network for quick responses during emergencies such as extreme weather conditions. 

LGBTQ Community

At Kehilat Kol Haneshama, we have adopted the liberal Jewish tradition of North America of celebrating a Pride Shabbat. In Hebrew we call it Shabbat Gaava.

We have adapted this tradition to our Israeli and Jerusalemite society and it is just one of the expressions of our commitment to equality for the LGBT community.

For many years now, Pride Shabbat has turned into a most significant event in our calendar. Many LGBT folks attend our services on that Shabbat and find in it a meaningful connection to their Jewish identity and to the Jewish tradition that otherwise

is not always welcoming for LGBT.

For Kehilat Kol HaNeshama, this is an opportunity to celebrate our joint Jewish values – LGBT and straights alike.

Together with the Reform Movement in Israel (IMPJ), we came out with a call for other Reform congregations to celebrate Shabbat Gaava. They responded to our challenge. To support them, we created a booklet to help guide them on how to hold such a Shabbat in liberal Israeli congregations.

As a result, we worked together with seven other congregations fromthe north to the south of the country to help them create their own model of Shabbat Gaava.


We are proud and happy to see our liberal, modern, Jewish, tolerant model flourishing among more and more communities. Ken yirbu! (may there be many more).

כל הנשמה לוגו
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