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Beit Midrash weekly study

Talmud studies

Rabbi Levi Weiman Kelman teaches an introduction to Talmud every Monday afternoon.


The class has been focusing on basic skills in deciphering a page of Talmud. This year the group has studied a sugya (section of Talmud) from the Tractate of Bab Metziyah that deals with the power of words to cause damage. Of particular concern to the rabbis in the Talmud was the sin of humiliating someone in public.  


Next the group  will study the final two chapters of the the Tractate of Sanhedrin that focus on who is worthy (or unworthy) to a life in the world to come. 

Beit Midrash for Torah studies led by Esther Edelsburg is a part of the educational activities in the community and takes place for 9 years already.


The goal of these studies is to instill the participants with a deep knowledge of the books of the prophets (Neviim), a topic usually less familiar to the public.

The group studies Neviim in the historic, social and spiritual context, and discover that the message they convey is relevant also for us nowadays. The prophets’ interpretation of the Torah is part of the spiritual and ethical component of the Reform movement. 

Lessons take place every two weeks in a fun atmosphere.


The group includes 16-18 members and is also open for non-members of the community. Studying together strengthens the social connections between friends allowing them to discover the hidden pearls of the biblical text, pearls which can enrich our lives and amplify our connection to our heritage. 

כל הנשמה לוגו
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